Letters of Reference and Transaction Summary

Letters of Reference

Vivian L.: “I had a small two bedroom patio only 900 sq. ft., after 23 open houses and Gregg’s marketing plan, I sold my home for more than I thought I could get for it.”

Len S.: “I had never owned a home before so Gregg got me into the First Time Home Buyers Program, and 45 days later I moved into my home.” Nicole & James.: “We saw one of Gregg’s listings, called him late and showed the home to us. We bought the next day and moved in to our new home ten days later.”

Brent & Lynn: “We tried to sell our home as a for-sale-by-owner, but it would not sell. When we finally did what Gregg had suggested to us months before it sold in one day.”

Sean & Ann: ” We had tried for some time to sell our home as a for-sale-by-owner, we even had it listed with another agent who didn’t do the job. Gregg sold our home as FSBO and got it closed, he just wouldn’t give up on us.”

Joan & Joe: “We had more more problems that we knew what to do with. Problems from our old business, long distance traveling, credit problems that weren’t even ours. Gregg got us through it all.”

Ron & Rebecca: “Sold our home just in the nick of time, Right down to the wire, Because we wanted to do it on our own. Gregg sold it and put us into our dream home.”

Mary: “The sale of our home had to be the worst for Gregg, I was right in the middle of a lot of family problems, that I didn’t think were ever going to end. We sold above market thanks to Gregg.”

Pat: “Unbelievable, my home was listed with four other companies over one year. When I first met Gregg he suggested not to list with friends or family, but I didn’t listen. Finally I gave him my home to sell, 28 days it sold, unreal, thank you Gregg.”

Mina: “No other agent would work for my family the way I asked him to. Gregg was always there when I needed him. We got our dream home at a great price.”

Mark & Carol: “After having listed our home with another company for seven months, Gregg sold ours in 18 days with his very custom marketing plan. He gave a list of items to do to the home first, we did it and went to closing.” Massimo: “Massive marketing program to sell my home, it sold in 44 days at 20k above the local area. My home was a fully remodeled house, but the first company couldn’t do it. I gave the house to Gregg to sell and he did it.” Bill & Diane: “One year to find our house for us and a persistent fight to get a good price for our home.”

John & Kathy: “Gregg stuck with us until our home sold. His honesty is second to none. He’s just good people.”

The above represents a small sample of my clients. The homes were bought or sold ranging in price from $70,000 to $1.8 Million (Buyers and Sellers). Upon a client’s approval I will provide you with other home phone numbers to talk about their home buying/selling experience. I will provide additional references if needed.

Tucson Real Estate Transactions

These are but a few of my transactions–I have sold over 600 homes and well over $100,000,000 in Real Estate.  Call me to preview your home for sale! My working price range of homes that I have sold is 35,000 for a Condo, and 1,800,000.00 dollar for resale on a home. For land I will venture anyplace in Arizona.

  • 4944 N. Circulo Bujia $675,000
  • 4800 W. Crestview Dr. $675,000
  • 5475 N. Via Velasquez $650,000
  • 5050 N. Vista Del Cerro Ranch Rd. $639,500
  • 6924 N. Firenze Drive $570,000
  • 6510 N. Finisterra $550,000
  • 620 W. Bangalor Drive $520,000
  • 9705 N. Linda Vista $469,000
  • 5080 N. Vista Del Cerro Ranch Road $414,900
  • 7905 N. Placita Murrieta $375,000
  • 1342 W. Via Caballo $359,000
  • 4750 W. Flying Diamond $345,000
  • 5186 W. Desert Chicory $344,000
  • 7001 N. Chaparral Ave. (my listing) 38 days $339,000
  • 8212 E. Robb Wash $336,000
  • 5270 N. Gate Ridge (New sold to my buyer) 14 days $335,000
  • 8150 N. Petite Place $330,000
  • 5510 W. Cowpoke Ct. $330,000
  • 7663 N. Sombrero Peak $322,000
  • 10419 E. Marquette St $319,999
  • 10011 N. Orange Ranch Rd. $316,500
  • 7335 N. Thoreau Dr. $310,000
  • 4515 W. Lambert $302,000
  • 7661 N. Bellwether $299,977
  • 4350 N Camino De Carrill (Buyer/Broker representation) $294,000
  • 4425 N. Buckskin Wy. (Buyer/Broker representation) $292,000
  • 9130 N. Safflower Ln $290,000
  • 5690 E. Center Village Dr. (my listing) 27 days $290,000
  • 5608 N. Camino Del Conde (Buyer/Broker representation) $287,000
  • 4402 E. Havasu Rd. (Buyer/Broker representation) $285,000
  • 1276 W. Hopbush Way $280,000
  • 9466 N. Weather Hill $269,999
  • 7748 N. Sun Flair Dr. $260,000
  • 3392 W. Via Campana De Oro $252,000
  • 7481 N. Avenida De La Tangarra (Listed & Sold to my buyer, cash) 84 days $250,000
  • 835 S. Roundtail Place $243,000
  • 2655 W. Montierra (Buyer/Broker representation) $242,000
  • 3254 W. Via Campana De Cobre $239,900
  • 2590 W. Cholla Cliff Court $235,000
  • 3431 W. Vision Drive $233,450
  • 8968 N. Veridian $230,000
  • 4750 W. Fling Diamond (One day listing, FSBO sold to my buyer) 7 days $230,000
  • 1802 E. Linden St. (Buyer/Broker representation) $229,000
  • 3070 E. 4th Street $225,000
  • 8018 W. Wandering Spring Way $224,977
  • 1931 N. Calle El Trigo (Buyer/Broker representation) $224,000
  • 9968 N. Desert Ranch Tr. $219,500
  • 7302 N. Avenida De Lisa (my listing) 62 days $219,000
  • 1018 E. Windsor St. $215,500
  • 7561 N. Calle Cordobesa (Sold 20K above market) 42 days $215,000
  • 1274 W. Laporte Ln $210,000
  • 6644 S. Venetian Dr. $208,500
  • 5570 E. Sutler Lane (Buyer/Broker representation) $205,000
  • 8256 W. Zlacket Dr. $196,000
  • 8773 E. Squaw Peak Dr. $195,000